The Need for Story

I have never felt as much urgent boredom as I did today. It wasn’t that I had finished a stubbornly mediocre semester with not a bang but a whimper, it was only that I was a little caught up in making my own versions of what I didn’t want to do. Today was supposed to … Continue reading The Need for Story


Data Points!

Correct me if I’m wrong but most people like hugs.   They might not be comfortable with being hugged at any time and by all kinds of people, but their aversion is not to the actual hug but to the breach of their personal space. I want to be like a hug. Not the uncomfortable … Continue reading Data Points!


Hi, Charles? One s-shot of your strongest To celebrate my descent into debauchery Just one, please, I’m on a shoestring budget That my parents continue to oversee I’m not that old, just turning 20 With mounting student loans -drinks-that was a refreshing beverage I feel my insides burning in hell I think I could try … Continue reading Debauchery