I love humans.

I love humans for how ‘important’ we are

For how important we perceive our lives to be-

How many lies we tell

To appease our valid, deep rooted doubts

Those which make us question life as we know it

But we don’t

For we have more on our minds

Or just really small brains

For we are a species of highly limited perception-

Able to notice the barest minimum

Of all there is in this universe

We can imagine what is, make theories,

Use it to make our names- among humans-

And never be able to sense what it really is

We can’t wrap our heads around the sheer volumes

So we formulate scales and systems

To give us a less confusing, humanised picture

Of what we can’t see, hear, feel nor understand

And so I love humans.

Always in the quest of what is well beyond.

A life that lasts a bat of the eye

Except we refuse to believe that we’re insignificant

Keep doing what we need to keep doing

To reiterate the lies we base our lives upon-

Never giving up the quests

For permanence in this deeply unscathable landscape

For ruling over a minor planet

That supports us only so far as we allow it

And so I love humans.

Beguiling, bewildered species of lost consciousness

That takes them to places most inhumane

But never beyond their imagination-

Because what we can’t see, hear, feel, perceive

Needs no explanations- leaves no room for doubts;

I love humans,

Their belief in their abilities, their supremacy

All the while, the universe laughs at our insignificance;

Utter arrogance in the helms of a land

We seek to destroy; our collective lack of conscience.


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