About Stormy Skies

This is a pet dream of mine, since I was probably 13 because I had accomplished cousins and having a blog somehow implied your adeptness at writing and your expertise in certain fields that you choose to write about- to clarify, this is neither.

Stormy Skies is my safe space to find my own style, express myself creatively, and dump all the most abstract and at most times pointless concepts I struggle to wrap my head around.

Here are the things you should know about this site:

  1. I’m no writer. I used to write well, then forgot and now am struggling to make words meet the page.                                                                                                                   There will be bad posts. I hope I can one day look back and not cringe at everything I put on here.
  2. I like alliteration. Don’t brace yourself, though- I’m not as skillful a wordsmith as I used to be, but I have a dream…
  3. This blog probably contains posts that might offend some or many and I do not intend to personally hurt or target anybody in particular (unless specifically mentioned).
  4. Works of fiction will be marked accordingly.
  5. ICYMI, I’m a fan of lists.

So if you find yourself here, thank you! (And sorry if I forced you to read this.)

It’s certainly awkward for me to speak to people directly and I would much rather communicate via blog or tweet, so find me here.


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