broccoli banter

The long journey from plate to acceptance



Hi, Charles? One s-shot of your strongest To celebrate my descent into debauchery Just one, please, I’m on a shoestring budget That my parents continue to oversee I’m not that old, just turning 20 With mounting student loans -drinks-that was a refreshing beverage I feel my insides burning in hell I think I could try … Continue reading Debauchery


xeno n. the smallest measurable unit of human connection, typically exchanged between passing strangers—a flirtatious glance, a sympathetic nod, a shared laugh about some odd coincidence—moments that are fleeting and random but still contain powerful emotional nutrients that can alleviate the symptoms of feeling alone.


Let’s have a little heart to heart, because that’s all I know.   I’m not the best person to ask for directions nor ask for advice on you OOTD, granted, but I can see what you miss while you’re busy scrolling through the endlessness of Instagram, scratching your head over whether your party favours look … Continue reading Vision