I might come off as a put together person off first glance but I have so much whimsy in me it’s really surprising I get anything done.

I believe in omens. I truly do.

I don’t actively watch for them, just to clarify.

It’s just that when things happen far too coincidentally, I can’t help believe it means something.

If I decide to make a change in my life and that very day hear something that reiterates my inner conversation with myself, I feel obligated to take myself more seriously and make the change. The universe literally gave me some sort of affirmation right?

The logic in this argument is so flaky, I barely find it convincing to read it myself.

It basically relies on the most random factors meshing and manifesting themselves in my life and then coming to my notice (which is arguably tough).

It couldn’t simply be just chance that the day I decide I want to actually stop writing the blog that I chance upon a video about fear in art (link here) and how it’s a whole new ball game to put your work out in the public eye and be afraid. Of what, I didn’t understand and I still don’t- but watching that made me realize I was being a coward and a few poor passages didn’t hurt anybody. (Except creative perfection, if that exists.)


Omens aren’t always something to base your faith on, obviously, but it just helps when you’re vacillating over a decision.

I do, I totally do vacillate.


I get dreams that feel like the right solution to questions that feel so deeply personal to the narrative on my mind- I can’t believe that it’s my brain responsible, or I’d have found the solution in consciousness, right? It must be the universe.


It’s something bigger than me, obviously. It’s a great chain- connecting the many dots that lead to a series of events that may strike my life once in awhile but might often just miss by the slightest of probabilities.


It’s weird how certain things just happen to strike your attention when you need them the most.

(And that was the entire point of this article. Bye.)

PS. I could also just tell you how I believe humans love putting their faith in the universe because it’s easier than self- belief and much less onerous for the bigger questions, but that would defy my entire narrative in this piece.


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