Keeping Up With The Times

Almost a cliché idea but it’s the responsibility of all internet creators to address that it’s a new year and make a list. Any kind of list. (The most irrelevant kinds of lists- what they learned in the past year to what their goals are this year to their most liked Instagram pictures of the past year to how to get started in the new year better etc etc.)

So, in keeping with the pointless tradition of starting afresh and setting goals and all that, here is what I think should be on your list, your list and everybody’s list! because well, I’m entitled to an opinion here because I know only my friends read this and I know what you’re like, people (and I needed to write a post in keeping with the theme).

  1. Challenge Yourself: I’d say reading this blog itself means you’re on the right track (because there’s so much better you could be reading and these posts are painful even for me to read – hence the lack of editing and proofreading) but all kidding aside you should set yourself goals that you’re slightly daunted by so that you push yourself more than you’re inclined to (that’s probably 10%- that too because it’s a new year, new you etc. etc.). It’s easy to not do what seems difficult and challenging but with this additional motivation that it’s a New Year (yes, we changed a digit in the date- big deal, right?) you might actually get something more done with your goals. If you don’t have goals, challenge yourself and set them first. (Then wait one whole year to start working on them, of course.)

2.Fear Less: You know the things you always wanted to do but didn’t have the guts to begin doing? Maybe play a sport or create a masterpiece (to be hung on the best wall in your house) or sing outside of the bathroom for a change? Gather all your guts and do one of those this year. Just one. It’s safe to say you aren’t getting any younger and once “maturity” hits you, you’re going to be a sack of excuses and never will you consider your deeper interests seriously until your inevitable midlife crisis (by which point people will try stop your out of fear for your health and sanity and family’s name). Don’t let your year be limited by fear. (Or your life, for that matter but right now I need to tell you things exclusively only for 2017!)

3.Approach People More:I might be preaching to choir here but I need to personally do this more this year because it’s easy to type a text, stalk a timeline, follow someone’s snaps and feel like you know a person but not really talk to some people irl because well, people are more than their online identities (unless they exist only on the internet).I think we form much more relevant connections by spending real time with people because you can (but need not) explore deeper topics than memes and weird forwards. I like deep, meaningful friendships, I realized very recently.

       ( In keeping with the challenging yourself quest, I’m personally going to try and approach pre-existing blocs of friends because it’s easier to talk to one person than two and virtually impossible for me to communicate with a groupful of people that form a friend circle- I feel instantly awkward, like I’m being an nth wheel in the circle of n-1 friends. It’s my personal quest this year to find out if blocs can be entered- and if yes, at what cost.)

  1. Take Time To Be Grateful: If you didn’t know already, your life is a whole load better than, say, America’s right now- because at least you have a future. (Kidding- I had in mind a fair, fairly useless, political scion with the heritage of an erstwhile front running party but I’m not taking any names.) You need to stop pretending like you’re the reason the world goes ‘round (because you know nobody feels your absence) and even if you do know that, you need to be a little generous with your time and words and thank people because the world is a crappy little place and without a little more goodwill and generosity, we’re likely to follow 2016’s example and I can’t handle one more of that. Furthermore, if this seems useless to you, think of it as your try to become another Zuckerberg (read more).
  1. Swear On Your Life: only and only. It’s becoming so increasingly ubiquitous that I forget that other alternatives exist to swearing. I swear we swear just to sound cooler than our statements actually are and it’s a shame that we need to intersperse our sentences with random(I’d appreciate them if they made sense in context) expletives to provide it that sufficient impact.

Will the gravity of the expletive be felt when you really need them?

Does every single fricking thing need to be emphasized as much as we think we need them to be?

My issue with expletives is the callousness with which we decide to bring them into our vocabulary over actual vocabulary.It’s also a habit that could get you into trouble for being insubordinate someday.

It’s the ease with which we choose to use language that is hurtful at times, crass always, the thoughtlessness with which we handle a power that has immense capacity. Think your words over. Use better language- careful language, if even foul. How to get rid of your habit to swear is something I can’t address because it’s a process I’ve been at for a while but I get carried away by the lure of the juicy, illegal, un- social words, too.

Writing more and reading more definitely helps too (not if you’re reading erotica) so just read this blog each week!It also makes me happy, so why not?

Read this for tips on how to get going..

//With this I realize I’ve fulfilled my annual quota of New Year celebratory list-making. Try these out at your own risk.

Happy New Year 2017!


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