Have you ever read the news about terror attacks and famines and disease outbreaks all over the world and just felt so powerless and helpless because you can’t do anything about it at all? I have, and for a while that stopped me from reading any sort of news at all and then I realized the news wasn’t altogether avoidable.

Then it struck me that I couldn’t run and hide from depressing news forever. The news was what is going on in the world and I could either turn my back and hide from it or learn more and try to understand why so much disastrous news even existed in the first place.

Then, slowly, I started reading, for my own understanding as to why. The reading didn’t clarify too many things to me either- it might have actually raised more confusion in my mind, some which I didn’t have answers to and some I didn’t want answers to because I felt nauseated at the fact that the powerful took little action or advice when they should have. Worse still, history has been cruel to the hapless and innocent far more than it has to the powerful.


This, I can’t help feeling torn about because there’s very little I think I can do, merely by myself. I can, however, feel unjustly privileged and cushioned from the realities of the “outside world” when I read of children being trafficked and used as mules and as bombs while I can sometimes feel unfairly treated when I don’t get a party invite, for example.

I do not have a solution to this issue. Moreover, this issue is just not one of my guilt plaguing me for being in a better position than many others- it’s got to be about the atrocities themselves. I cannot imagine any- be it simple or complex- solution to the problems wracking the world these days because of how many humans it takes to cause them over the span of time to which there cannot be any remedy but I pray for foresight in this population to avoid the same mistakes that plague populations of millions with impunity, extremely unfairly, in the future.

I could ask you to donate to a cause that could potentially help other people on this planet but it’s never going to be enough to just fix the underlying issues of human greed and lust for power that most likely cause the downfall of many for the price of temporary satiation of one. Donation is an easy choice (albeit an important one). Action on and analysis of the issues, is not. It calls for interest and the will to make lives better, which might itself change lives- at most of millions, at least one- yours.


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