The Cruelty In Comfort

This article I have honestly tried to write 6 times before and kept scrapping it on account of how badly I was explaining myself.
By the 3rd attempt I tried questioning the validity of my stance itself.
Due to lack of a better platform and time, I’m going to try and reassure myself why I think comfort is the single most abused concept today and why I wanted everyone to know it here.
So we all do something in life, right? Whether or not we know what we’re doing, we’ve been told why by society ages ago, when we were set on the path of formal education. To get a job that provides us with the means to live comfortably.
Now, I do not question the relationship between living comfortably and wealth, nor entirely the relationship between a job and wealth, but I question deeply what living in comfort really is. REALLY.

Comfort is not an end. It’s nothing to aspire to.
It has no real definition, no benchmark. It just puts everyone on to a path that promises to lead to the horizon.
So where does this even end? What is it that we’re working (or not) towards in life? It baffles me as to how I’ve lived this far without asking myself this.
Is comfort even worth aspiring to? (Does greatness, then, mean more- but doesn’t greatness have the same problems with lack of an end?
Do greatness and comfort even intersect? )
Comfort is such an abstraction that we often times than not use its lack of definition to our own benefit.
We barely push ourselves beyond our limits of comfort because we’ve got an ingrained sense of comfort being comfortable.
It’s way easier to keep comfortable and feel successful than to go out of the way to strain yourself and hence feel discomfort but grow in the process.
The lack of acceptance I see towards feeling uncomfortable is leading to such a complacency I fear for our generation. I truly do.
It’s a common pattern in history to have great works and great change be birthed in conditions of oppression and strife.
I wonder if we can ever produce greater works and change in our lifetimes if we’re even unwilling to consider being in discomfort, ever yield to hardships and sacrifice personally for a greater cause because comfort inherently makes you selfish, chasing comfort is very limited in its purview and even though it seems like a simple enough lie to convince people to get an education, it can never be more than a white lie or else we risk being a stagnant population in times with much larger and pressing issues.
If that made no sense, please tell me why- leave a reply!


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